Justin Timberlake makes games

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The American station Fox goes at the end of this year, Spin the Wheel to broadcast. That is a game in which singer Justin Timberlake has devised.

Timberlake did that with Andrew Glassman, the man behind the popular show The Wall. Actor Dax Shepard, the new programme will present, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In the show, candidates in a total sum of 20 million dollar win (over 17 million euro), “one of the biggest prizes in the history of primetime television,” says Fox. They do this by answering questions. If they correctly answer, the amount is increased. When wrong answers decreases the amount. That is done on the basis of a wheel, consisting of multiple components exist with money.

It is the first time that the ‘Cry Me A River’singer contributes a tv project as executive producer.

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