Holiday Pommeline ends in a minor key

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Bad luck for Pommeline from Temptation Island, she is the Thursday night to pitch conducted by her coloring and Fabrizio. What is going on? To told Pommeline Friday afternoon that she and Fabrizio just of Greece are returned. There was a couple to the wedding of the brother of Fabrizio, and enjoyed some holidays. Everything went perfect until Pommeline Thursday in the taxi wanted to steps that her and Fabrizio to the airport would bring. “When I got to the taxi I wanted to get in, I stepped between the sidewalk and the car”, respond Pommeline. “I felt a terrible pain on my ankle. A stupid incident, but what do you want? That pavements in Greece are a foot high!”, tells Pommeline on .
The pain fell at all, but in the plane the pain was still intense. After landing, decided the two to the emergency room of the hospital to attract and there was Pommeline nothing else than hours and hours of waiting. “We have photographs to take and the doctors think that the ligaments are torn, they could not immediately see through the big bruise,” Pommeline. She got a sexy plaster cast around her right foot and must be within a one week return for an in-depth investigation. In the meantime, the refrain for Pommeline as a plaster to wear in this weather is hell. Fortunately slooft Fabrizio at this mooment to the Pommeline as pleasant as possible. That is true love!

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