German woman Holocaust denies remains fixed

e319d1076cbb6a0e00b44e180db79e7a - German woman Holocaust denies remains fixed

KARLSRUHE – Ursula Haverbeck, the 90-year-old German woman who on several occasions in public the existence of the Holocaust has been denied and, in the jail, the appeal against that penalty is lost. A court in the city of Karlsruhe rejected on Friday her appeal.

Archive view of Ursula Haverbeck.

The court is in the opinion of the opinion that “the punishment for denying the national socialist genocide falls under the German constitution.” In the notes, let the court know that “the spread of inaccurate or intentionally false statements do not fall under freedom of expression.” The court also said that Holocaustontkenning the limits of a peaceful public debate and a disturbance of the public order.”

Since may is Haverbeck a sentence in a German prison. A regional court convicted her because of eight cases of incitement to hatred to two years in prison. Haverbeck claimed repeatedly that the concentration camp of Auschwitz not a death camp but a work camp. She has been previously convicted of similar disclaimers.

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