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First medal for Belgium at the European Championships is within: Jolien D’hoore takes bronze in the scratch

Jolien D’hoore has today immediately a bronze medal caught at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS track cycling in the scratch. The gold was for the Dutch Kirsten Wild. Notable: really wake up lag D’hoore not from the scratch. “The main objective is to ploegkoers with Kopecky Tuesday,” she said beforehand.

The scratch was locked to the Czech Jarmila Machacova halfway through the race, after twenty rounds, a failure is ventured. She drove a nice lead in to each other but could not hold it. Eleven laps from the end was the unification a fact.

D’hoore koerste all the time be attentive in the front and sat in the wheel of favourite Kirsten Wild that’s when the final phase of the forcing introduced. Against the krachtexplosie of the Dutch in the sprint turned out D’hoore, just like a few months ago at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, not up. Also the British Emily Kay remained in Ghent.

D’hoore launches earlier on ploegkoers

Notable: really wake up lag D’hoore not from the scratch. “I row that discipline actually like global warming, to what rhythm to do,” she said in advance. “I’m not going to look at that rash. It really is a lottery.”

“The main objective is to ploegkoers with Lotte Kopecky Tuesday. Here we go for the gold”. The ploegkoers is olympic, so D’hoore and Kopecky there score and also the all of the necessary kwalificatiepunten address for Tokyo 2020.

The scratch race is an individual race of 10 kilometers on the piste. Who, after forty laps, first across the finish is the winner. Often the race is decided in the final sprint but also an escape is possible.

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