Female students systematically worse reviewed by Japanese university

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The Medical University of Tokyo has female students for many years systematically lower scores given, ultimately, be more male doctors. That is Thursday and Friday to read in Japanese media.

The change of examenscores came to light during an internal investigation into tampering with the procedures to be admitted to the Tokyo Medical University. That writes the Yomiuri Shimbun. Since 2011, the university female candidate-students systematically worse points, to the number of female students to 30 percent limit. A year earlier, proposed to the university, after all, found that very many more women fulfilled the conditions for the training to start.

An anonymous source explains to the newspaper that the decision of the university based on a ‘strong presumption’ that women who graduate, eventually not to medicine because they get married and have children. And so was the fumble on the results ‘tacitly accepted’ and seen as a ‘necessary evil’. That confirms the other source at The Nikkei. ‘The university wanted to enough doctors for its adjacent hospital.’

Result, according to the Asahi Shimbun: last academic year were only 30 women admitted to the medicine programme, compared to 141 male students.


On social media the news was already furious manner. Many Japanese suspect that such practices do not only occur in the Tokyo Medical University. They call on the government of prime minister shinzo Abe on to do more for equality in education to ensure.

According to a spokesperson of the university will be at the end of this month, the results of the internal investigation be disclosed.

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