Erdogan sees ‘trade war’ against Turkey

86767989eac50fb140572380a1b7eabc - Erdogan sees ‘trade war’ against Turkey

The free fall of the Turkish currency, according to president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the result of a ‘trade war’ against his country. He calls his fellow-countrymen on to their dollars and euros back to lira.

The failed coup of July 2016, mainly on the Turkish economy the purpose, ” he said Friday at the presentation of an action plan of his government for the next hundred days. “We have to do with a trade war. But don’t you worry. Also from this battle, we will, as the winner come forth, ” he said.

The Turkish currency has after the issue of U.s. sanctions against two Turkish ministers much lost its significance. The United States had sanctions imposed because the Turkish authorities deny the since 2016 imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson free.

Erdogan has for some four weeks ago the oath be taken before a new term as president. He said Friday that he in the next hundred days, more than a thousand projects you want to bring – in the economy, education and national security.

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