Dranouter Festival ready to to 50,000 music lovers to receive

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The Dranouter Festival is all ready to to 50,000 music lovers to receive. That said organiser Bavo Vanden Brouck this afternoon, just before the doors to 15 hours of open went. The heat is one of the main issues this coming weekend.

Dranouter Festival is all set for the 44th edition. Last night was the tone already set with “root notes”, a musical event in the framework of GoneWest, the cultural has been the province of West-Vlaanderen around the First world War. Around 5,000 people came earlier to the festival site, which made for a solid dress rehearsal.

“We are ready for it. We note that the pre-sale was better than last year and that is probably due to our tried and tested formula: a mix of established and international values, and young groups who are here to discover. Thursday, there were already 5,000 visitors and we expect there still to 45,000,” said Vanden Broeck.

The weather is a real concern. “We are fortunate in the coastal province, so that a lead heat stays out. But we have certainly taken all necessary measures, especially regarding fire safety on the premises, especially at the campsites. There are also a lot of schuilplekjes and there is a sunken bar, where people are free fresh water can get,” says Vanden Brouck.

Great innovations are not there, on the bonnetjessysteem after. Also Dranouter works now with a digital payment system. Also uses the organization of the well-tried recipe, five stages in the village of Dranouter, and a lot of free randanimatie for young and old. “With good weather and a strong advance, we are already well on the way, but we only speak of a successful edition as all Sunday night without any problems”, says the organizer in advance.

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