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Dorothee Bär: “regulation should not thwart Innovation”

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Dorothee Bär, the Minister of state for digitization in the Federal Chancellery, called for a strengthening of the position of the Blockchain technology in Germany. The members of the Bundestag, the CSU referred to Germany as a BlockchainHub, it to strengthen. Therefore, you should not regulate Token as securities, as this would slow down innovation.

Dorothee Baer on Twitter. Do all politicians. You have to show presence, insights into his work and with the people of the constituency to communicate – or at least to you. Social Media channels such as Facebook or Twitter offer a suitable framework, especially for the Minister of state for digitization in the Federal Chancellery.

Dorothee Baer on Twitter for the Blockchain

In whose jurisdiction the area falls, to develop strategies for dealing with the Blockchain. Therefore, it’s fitting that she is dealing with in a current Tweet with the topic. So she tweeted on 02.08. :

The German crypto Community responds

Bear calls to reduce the regulation of block chain-based Assets to a Minimum. As a hanger for this, she takes the classification of tokens as securities, which would slow you down, in your opinion, innovation in Germany. A response she gets from the two leading representatives of the German Blockchain – up and digital scene.

Florian Glatz, the President of the Blockchain-Federal Association, thanked first of all, in the case of bear, that she accepts the topic. At the same time, he asks, however, to differentiate in the classification of tokens. He explained that Baer’s statement must be on a Utility Token is valid, a Security Token, however, very well as a securities count. Definition of Token to another, the Blockchain had made the Association of purpose-a position paper.

Also the entrepreneur and Investor Frank Thelen commented on the Twitter Post. He noted that securities had an older regulation, which does not fit in the Blockchain, and Blockchain applications. He supports the claim by Dorothee Baer, not to regulate Token as securities. All three agree that it will (should, at least, for Utility Token), a new, of the old securities regulation independent handling.

Digitization in the hands of the CSU – with moderate success so far

The block on the Blockchain and crypto-currencies had made it in February in the coalition agreement of the CDU and the SPD – also in front of the Background, the tackle out forderunng digitization in General. Since the beginning of the parliamentary term in March 2018 Dorothee Bär is one of only 4 State Ministers, who are directly established in the Federal Chancellery. The Ministry of state for digitization has been created new this year to the theme of a higher priority.

To was already the beginning of the last legislative session in 2013, the Federal Ministry of transport has been upgraded to the Federal Ministry of transport and Digital infrastructure. Under the previous two CSU-Ministers Dobrindt and scouring the balance sheet, in the area of digitization has remained very manageable. All the more gratifying that the CSU will accept in the Form of woman to bear, finally, an innovative and advanced topic of how the Blockchain. A first step is made. Baer’s Tweet and the reactions to it reveal, however, that the Blockchain Community must make in this area is still a lot of education work.

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