Demi Lovato prepared to make a recording of rehab

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The pop star was earlier this summer included because they have an overdose of narcotics had taken. Now it seems that they desperately fight to kick the habit.

Demi Lovato has agreed to a treatment in a rehab. According to TMZ, there are already preparations are made at the conscious clinic.

It was a little on the question of whether Demi voluntarily would want to be treated. The 25-year-old singer refused in recent months, namely any kind of help. This resulted last week end in a drug overdose and hospitalization.

Insiders tell that Demi’s family finally with her, has spoken about withdrawal. They wanted this before, but complications of the overdose was Demi this week, very sick. She wanted to be a singer, during these days of upset and asked why.

But now the weather is good with Lovato. They can at any time be discharged from the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Demi will go directly to the rehab. What that is or know where TMZ is not.

Demi was last week admitted to hospital after a suspected overdose. The singer was an assistant found unconscious in bed after a long night of partying. According to insiders, fell Lovato months ago back in her drug addiction after she’s six years sober.

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