Congo denies opponent in exile participation to presidential elections

97086818a240357f16f0051e417afee2 - Congo denies opponent in exile participation to presidential elections

The Congolese authorities have to Moïse Katumbi, an opponent in exile, let it be understood that he is not welcome to his candidacy for the presidential elections. Katumbi will now via Zambia, his home country, trying to achieve.

The ex-governor of Katanga, who vervelde of ally of president Joseph Kabila to rival, tried the past few days with a private jet from Johannesburg, bastion Lubumbashi to achieve. The permission to land was, however, he is not. The authorities warned him even for that he was immediately would be arrested.

Katumbi announced then that he is now Zambia will try his homeland to reach. He does that to his candidacy, to submit for the presidential elections in the Congo, and called for the deadline of 8 August.

‘Permission to fly and to land refused by Kinshasa! We leave in the direction of Ndola on the road to Lubumbashi to take tweette Katumbi’s spokesman Olivier Kamitatu.


The Congolese authorities accuse Katumbi of the recruitment of mercenaries and of paspoortfraude – he turns out to 2017 in addition to the Congolese also secretly the Italian nationality to have had. In addition, he was already convicted for the illegal sale of a house. According to Katumbi itself, however, this false allegations that Kabila wants to abstain from participation in the elections. According to polls, would Katumbi, however, very well able to score.

The former governor of Katanga is not the only opponent that wants to participate in the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for 23 december. The recently released ex-rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba returned Wednesday to return to Congo, after the International criminal Court in The Hague to him in June, against all odds vrijsprak of war crimes.

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