China ready for new step in trade war

3106ffa23e5a6aa3328634e584726873 - China ready for new step in trade war

As the American president Donald Trump and his threat to new import duties to be imposed on Chinese products is delivering, then China is ‘forced to retaliate’. Reports that the Chinese ministry of Commerce, that the new levies will prepare a total of 60 billion dollars on American products.

China is going to the new levies different rates impose, announced the ministry of Commerce on Friday. Products you get import duties of 25, 20, 10 or 5 percent.

The announcement comes after a series of tweets of American president Trump. That said, a previously announced collection of $ 200 billion of Chinese products do no rate of 10 percent, but 25 percent want to eliminate.

The U.S. and China are already for a long time with each other in the clinch. Trump complains that China more products in the US sells then that the U.s. products decreases. Further, it is Trump not to mention that China market does not continue to get when the first and he accuses Beijing that the companies are forcing technologies to share with Chinese partners.

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