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Captain Neuer: “Özil was absolutely not a victim of racism at the Mannschaft ”

855c00603e53b3cd19553068de419655 - Captain Neuer: “Özil was absolutely not a victim of racism at the Mannschaft ”

Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper and captain of the German national team, believes that Mesut Özil is “absolutely not” has been the victim of racism at the Mannschaft and the German football association. The 29-year-old Özil, a German with Turkish roots, put at the end of July a point behind his interlandcarrière because he “no longer wanted” felt in the national team.

“The subject is discussed and there is much written about,” said Neuer in the margin of a training camp of his team Bayern Munich. “It is a delicate matter. But Mesut was absolutely not the victim of racism. We have always done everything for all players to integrate into the team. That he still stops at the Mannschaft is an individual decision. Each international will have his reasons, and Mesut has found them. Of course we accept his choice.”

The hoopla around Özil is traced back to a picture of for the world cup, in which he and fellow international Ilkay Gundogan posed with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In Germany could not everyone that tastes and echoed the call for Özil and Gundogan out of the world cup selection to make because they are willing to have use of the controversial Erdogan. Özil went to Russia, but went along with the Mannschaft full cup in the group stage – what is the controversy only increased. Even after the tournament he decided to stop at Germany.

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