Busy summer for Joke Devynck

61472991e99ae90fb1f5f7c109a06c41 - Busy summer for Joke Devynck

No summer vacation for Joke Devynck. She is on the set of the film Binti. “An important film, because I hope that adults now look through the eyes of children watching the agony of people without papers,” she says in het Nieuwsblad. “The film that Frederike Migom has written and also directs, has an important message. He encourages them to think about the drama of people who simply do not have the correct piece of paper to be able to present and therefore suddenly no right to live seem to have,” says Devynck. “I think Binti on two levels will work. The movie map the problem in a way that children understand, but at the same time, he speaks to adults. Therefore, I find it more of a family than a jeugdfilm.”

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