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Bitmain: E-Mail business results from Mining giant leaks

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Through the E-Mail from a clearly business-related source of juicy Details about the finances of the world’s largest Mining company. Accordingly, the industry had made giant Bitmain alone in the first quarter of 2018, a whopping profit of US $ 1.1 billion. Apparently, the Chinese Mining giant also plans to IPO in the Form of an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

The E-Mail was leaked in the last few days, the business magazine Fortune from an anonymous source. In addition to the quarterly result and may be planned IPO, the additional profit expectations for 2018. Conservative estimates indicate a Profit of two and up to three billion dollars. While the total value of the company was estimated at the beginning of may to about 12 billion US dollars, it is increased according to the E-Mail in the last few months to about 14 billion US dollars. To obtain such Figures, is remarkable as so far data around Bitmain in a cloak of silence wrapped seemed to be.

Since the company’s founding five years ago, Bitmain is Silent. The CEO Jihan Wu lifts the veil.

Even if the leaked E-Mail was apparently a faux pas: for several months, the CEO of the Mining giant is apparently verbose. He revealed that the profit was for 2017 to be approximately $ 2.5 billion and that he and his Co-Founder Micree Zhan had about 60 percent of the company.

He also reported from Bitmains expansion plans in the United States. A higher presence of his company Overseas could help, therefore, to make Mining in the United States, “profitable” and “additional jobs” to be generated. Another Background – as the CEO – to be the strong state regulation of Mining in China, which could deal in this way. This should be even more, be an evasion in other countries is essential.

What’s really behind the leaked e-Mail?

The leaked E-Mail to report only Positive things about Bitmain. Top-quarter results, high profit expectations and an imminent IPO, which potential investors can participate. The question here is the extent to which internal circles not helped in the publication, or at least consented to might have. Because as an advertisement for a future IPO in connection with an IPO, you are doing very well.

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