Bingewatch-alarm: Summer Series on FOX!

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Summer break? Not at FOX! Serieverslinders the whole summer to their heart’s content to new episodes and weekendmarathons.

Hot summer days, a human being must be there in the evening just obtained. As a series of view so, for bedtime. Fans of the series this summer by FOX to the right place.

The transmitter does not believe in zomerstops and presents you the whole summer not only new episodes but also weekendmarathons for. Every Saturday and Sunday you can so in one fell swoop an entire season of bingen!

FOX Weekendmarathons


The summer is the ideal time to your series-bucketlist in bingemodus to work. FOX will gladly help you with weekendmarathons, every weekend for one season of your favourite series.

So you can during the weekends of 11 and 18 August, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 21 hours to look at the first and second season of Chance, a thrillerserie with Hugh Laurie.

Laurie plays a forensic neuropsychiatrist who, against his will, is sucked into the violent and dangerous world of corrupt agents and mental illness. Based on Kem Nunn’s thriller.


In the subsequent two weekends, from 25 August and 1 september, you can watch the first two seasons of the Outcast.

Patrick Fugit plays the role of Kyle Barnes, a young man who since his youth, tormented by demons. He goes in search of answers as to why this is him and his environment continues to happen, to he a secret is discovered that the end of the world. Of the hand of Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.
FOX is at Proximus, watch TV with the Entertainment Channels, on channel 192.

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