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Belgian pistiers aim Friday at the chrono under 4 minutes

8db16694e58936d8aaefd428aa503920 - Belgian pistiers aim Friday at the chrono under 4 minutes

The Belgian baanwielrenners have Thursday night at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS track cycling in the Scottish Glasgow qualified for the first round in the team pursuit. They stayed in the qualifications just over 4 minutes, good for the seventh time in twelve participating countries. “Friday we go under 4 minutes”, commented Robby Ghys ahead of the first round against Germany.

Ghys, Sasha Weemaes, Lindsay De Vylder, Kenny De Ketele shots as fourth out of the starting blocks and klokten 4:00.022, good for the third Belgian chrono ever. “We may be quite satisfied with this time. We have worked so hard and finally it comes out. We radiated a lot of power and a number of things we can improve. We drive a lot better on our line, for example”, responded to the War.

In the first round tomorrow/Friday (from 18h30) Belgium vs. Germany (sixth in 3:59.627). Our compatriots are still in the running for bronze. “Tonight (Thursday night) we are going to our competition analysis. Friday we are going to try again under the four-minute”, aldys Ghys. .

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