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Belgian gymnasts provisionally third on EK, but consider the cat to send it to finals

460528040dddd3a7dfd9cce13b49c436 - Belgian gymnasts provisionally third on EK, but consider the cat to send it to finals

The chance exists that the Belgian female team in artistic gymnastics fit for the EK-finals of the team competition. That said coach Marjorie Heuls Thursday in Glasgow.

The Belgian female team has Thursday at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS artistic gymnastics in Glasgow placed for the finals in the landencompetitie. With a total score of 159,331 points were Nina Derwael, Axelle Klinckaert, Senna Deriks and Maellyse its train the third score draw in the qualifiers.

Only: it is not sure that the gymnasts will also play in the final. Any package is considered to allow the gymnasts to spare since in October the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha on the program. That tournament also served as the first kwalificatiemanche for the Games in Tokyo.

“A lot to think about”

“I will discuss with the team and the federation. There is a lot to think about,” said coach Marjorie Heuls. “What me bothers, is that we have no replacement for the floor exercises”, he Heuls further. “Here We are, with four gymnasts and only three for the floor exercises. I can’t afford Nina (Derwael) to keep away from the ground.”

Derwael troubles what with the ankles, while the floor exercises many of her body’s needs. “Maybe we need an easier exercise gymnastics. I’m still watching. Axelle Klinckaert is also fit after a knee injury. You need to take into account. Gymnastics is hard.”

Derwael seized by stress on the bridge with uneven shelves

Nina Derwael qualified Thursday night for the finale on the bridge with uneven shelves, the discipline in which the 18-year-old Truiense her European title to defend. With 14.400 points put them in the qualifications the second score down, but she remained well below her best result of the season (15.300 pts).
“I’m not at all satisfied”, gave Derwael. “I’ve always had more stress in the qualifications than in finals, because I was afraid to the final to be missed. Once I in the final stand, the nerves will be completely different. I hope that I will Sunday be the perfect exercise can drop.”

“During the warming-up I had too much energy. I went too far and too high. Initially I had it all under control, but then I did a element less well, and I began to doubt. I during the exercise but decided to have another element to perform,” said the belgian, who admitted to have difficulty with the role. “It is easier to be an outsider.” .

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