Attorneys Weinstein: ‘no rape, love affair’

b856ad45f35d6a7b6ce769358851d87d - Attorneys Weinstein: ‘no rape, love affair’

Harvey Weinstein and his main victim would be a love affair have had, even years after the so called rape was involved. That claims at least the defense of the American film producer.

The lawyers therefore ask to refrain from prosecution. They carry dozens of e-mails from the woman as evidence.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is the only one who is in the act of accusation, claims to have been raped by Weinstein. The facts would have played in 2013. Two other women talking about sexual harassment.

But Friday, the lawyers of the accused making an application to their client not to prosecute. The document which is 150 pages counts, quotes from various e-mails between the perpetrator and the victim. According to the lawyers to prove the e-mails that the two years of a relationship had, until at least 2017.

Some mails date back only a few weeks after the rape would have played. It appears that the victim, Weinstein would like to see again. “I hope today you are to bump into” or ” I can have breakfast with you if you have time’. From the tone of the emails shows according to the lawyers that the victim “clearly good friends”.

“I love still you. But I hate the impression to have a love affair”, writes the woman in an email of February 8, 2017. According to the lawyers, this shows clearly that the victim in a relationship ‘with mutual consent’ had with the film producer.

From the mails it would also appear that the woman when Weinstein insisted on a job or membership of a private members ‘ club.

If the indictment for rape fails, would Weinstein only be prosecuted for the other offences. That date, however, all of twelve and fourteen years ago, arguing his lawyers.

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