Absolutely temperatuurrecord in sight in Southern Europe

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You can find it here in Belgium is already warm? Drops you best not to Southern Europe, because the chance exists that this weekend a new European hitterecord is measured.

At least until the middle of next week we should be in our country, temperatures around and often above 30 degrees treaties. That’s a lot, but small beer in comparison with the south of Europe. The Spanish and Italian weather service and the European weerwaarschuwingsdienst Meteoalarm have warned that this weekend on the Iberian peninsula is extremely hot. The temperatures there would be such a rise, that a new European hitterecord is to be located.

Provisionally, it was in Europe, never warmer than it is in Greece on 10 July 1977. In Athens, it was a scorching 48 degrees Celsius measured. According to weervoorspellers there is 40 percent chance that the temperature is somewhere in Spain or Italy, the match will be, and there is a 25-30 percent chance that the record will fall.

50 degrees?

According to weatherman David Dehenauw there are even models that this weekend, 50 degrees prediction for the southwest of Portugal. Also for Spain, there are such predictions. ‘Or the effective 50 degrees will be remains to be seen, ” he says. “But it will certainly be 45 degrees or more. The temperatures will be there is certainly a lot higher than normal.’ On average, after 10 to 15 degrees less hot during the summer months.

The national record for Portugal is currently 47,4 degrees Celsius, measured in 2003. For Spain, it is to 47.3 degrees Celsius, a record that just a year ago was established.

The cause of that extreme heat is a hot air mass from the African continent to Europe, shifting, and in the first place, the Iberian peninsula is visiting. As the hot air of our country, we should prepare for temperatures around 38 degrees in the beginning of next week. The chance is, however, a real possibility that the warmest air to Germany draws. In that case, we talk about temperatures between 27 and 32 degrees.

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