61 people freed from Talibangevangenis

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KABUL – In Afghanistan, special forces 61 people freed from a prison that was in the hands of the radical islamic Talibanbeweging. In addition, at least two Talibanstrijders to the accident. The bevrijdingsactie was in the district Kachaki of Helmand province in the south of the country, said a spokesman for the elite unit of the Afghan army.

The prisoners are, for different reasons secured. So they were among other things accused of spying for the Afghan armed forces. The liberated prisoners are Friday with their families reunited. In total, over the past three months in the province of Helmand more than 350 people freed from the prisons of the Taliban, said the spokesman.

The Taliban has a strong presence in Helmand province. According to the latest report of the inspector-general of the United States for reconstruction in Afghanistan to monitor insurgents, nine of the fourteen districts of Helmand.

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