WWII ammunition is released by low Elbe

MAGDEBURG – Due to the extremely low water level of the river Elbe in Germany is becoming more and more ammunition from the Second world War are exposed. The police let us know that just in the past week in the land of Saxony-Anhalt on five spots in the river Elbe, grenades, mines, or other explosives are found.

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A tinder-dry riverbed of the Elbe river in Magdeburg, Germany.

This year in Saxony-Anhalt on 21 places on the Elbe ammunition from the Second world War found. Also in Saxony at multiple locations of explosive material seen. That happened mainly by walkers in places that under normal circumstances are under water. The police warned that ammunition that are dozens of years in the water has located can be dangerous.

In the city of Magdeburg is the level of the Elbe by the ongoing drought just a few inches higher than in 1934. Then it was with a level of 48 inches, the lowest recorded water level ever measured.

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