Women on the power in the sixth Terminator movie

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Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures were the first images released of the sixth, as yet untitled film in the “Terminator”series. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back again, but Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. In part five, “Genisys” (2015) was that role still played by Emilia Clarke. Striking at the released footage: the women will be in part six-a hefty bite out of the violence: both Hamilton as Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis eyes very muscular and have a lot of weapons equipped with a photo, with the usual debris in the background.

For Hamilton is part six in a joyful return after they are in parts three to five, not the futuristic action should participate. The film, directed by Tim Miller (of “Deadpool”) and produced by James Cameron, in november 2019 in the movie theater. It is suspected that part six, a sequel will be on part two, “Judgement Day”, and that the series, by clicking on the ‘roots’ to fall back, is being revived. ‘Genisys’ was intended to be the first film of a trilogy, but that idea has meanwhile let go.

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