Woman who blow got in Paris collects testimonies

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The woman living in Paris in the face was beaten because she was a man in his place, put, online testimonials collect of sexual harassment. “Just as thousands of women, I am the victim of sexual harassment on the street.’

The new website is called: ‘Nous toutes harcèlement’. Or: “We are all intimidated’. Victims of sexual harassment can tell their story there anonymous share. The testimonials will also on Facebook.

“Because it is anonymous, will these women be able to freely speak,” says the 22-year-old Marie Laguerre. The student said to a man who has sexual allusions made that he his mouth had to keep. Then swung the man an ashtray at her, and she got a blow in the face. The incident was filmed.

The French decided to make her story and the images online, what to indignant reactions led. Laguerre received messages from around the world of women who have their own experiences shared, and also of men who support her along the way.


Now she wants her fame to use to make a difference. They contacted vrouwenrechtengroepen for advice and together they came up with the idea for a website, even though there are already such initiatives. She also launched the hashtag #TaGueule women stories on Twitter can share.

“The media attention is not easy, but I have the responsibility to my familiarity to use in order to convey a message, and to change,” she says. “Sexual harassment is a global phenomenon where every woman is familiar.’

Last week, approved France, a law against sexist and sexual violence.

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