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We need to talk crypto officer of the SEC is to promote the exchange of

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The U.S. securities and exchange Commission has mandated since June, a new Crypto. Her name is Valerie Szczepanik and hopes for the future will be more dialogue between the emerging crypto industry and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is the now almost ancient song that echoes through the halls of the SEC. A thin melody, which tells of the Fears of investors. In addition, the ruling voice of the Regula booms gates, against which the melody arrives. The quintessence of the regulatory song: Innovation against the law.

But that should change now. At least when it comes to the crypto of the American officer of the American stock exchange Supervisory authority. As reported by Bloomberg, she said that the current sounds are between crypto Start-ups and the Franklin D. Roosevelt established the SEC, not helpful at all:

“We hope that people adapt. If, however, there are no signs, if the people decide to ignore the laws that we have to maybe a different line.“

The threat resonates with so: Either you play by our rules or we will have to strike different tones. However, Currently, the SEC obviously prefers the dialogue to a quarrel:

“We want people to come and talk to us. When I meet with people, I want you to see me as someone who is interested in communication. And as someone who encourages Innovation and investors, such as markets Grow.“

The crypto Empress Valerie Szczepanik has experience

Your new Job, of Bloomberg as a “crypto-Empress”, to monitor the crypto industry, and in particular ICOs. (Which is known to be not at all Easy to decide between Scam and Innovation, and to find the needle in the haystack. Details available here). Thus, since June the ruling Officer for digital Assets, and Innovation with experience – previously, she held the supervision over Initial Public Offerings and share sales.

Your Job as crypto Empress, you will have to do in the coming time, anyway. According to Figures from Coinschedule, the occupied capital in the case of ICOs, it was in the last month at 5.6 billion US dollars – more than in any month previously. (This corresponds by the way about the 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin). The decision to make the upcoming Bitcoin ETFs, the crypto has Empress part. In the decision, the Bitcoin ETF Winklevoss brothers refuse, had Valerie Szczepanik anyway say.

Among the regulators it applies as an expert – in addition to a 20-year-old SEC-experience the 51-Year experience in the crypto space. For the past six years, you should deal with Bitcoin – you can sing a little song of it.

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