Trump thank you ‘friendly’ Kim Jong-un

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The Us president, Donald Trump has the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to thank for the return of the remains of American soldiers who were killed during the Korean war. He spoke of a ‘kind act’, and said to look for a new meeting between both of them.

Trump thanked Kim Jong-un in a tweet in the early morning, for keeping his promise and sending home of the remains of our noble and beloved great missing killed in action’. “I’m not at all surprised that your this act of kindness did. Also thank you for your nice letter, I look forward to to see you soon!’, he wrote.

It is not clear to which letter he refers or when he Kim will meet, although that Kim after their first meeting in Singapore in June, said that he has an invitation from Trump to visit the USA had accepted. Trump said that Kim ‘absolutely’ at one time invited would be in the White House.


A transport aircraft of the US Air Force took the bodies of the soldiers in the North Korean city of Wonsan, and took them Friday to a U.s. military base in South Korea.

The American vice-president Mike Pence called the return of the mortal remains of the 55 American soldiers during a ceremony at the American military base of Hawaii Wednesday, a ‘historic event’. “Today, our guys go home,” said Pence.

Pence said that it is not known who the soldiers are, while American media reported that one of his was found. Forensic experts of the bodies now investigating and they are trying to identify.


In the Korean War (1950-1953) came to about 33,000 soldiers to the life. More than 8,000 of them are still missing. Between 1996 and 2005, remains of more than 220 soldiers recovered from North Korea, but the surgery was in 2005 by the U.S. terminated for safety reasons.

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