Tens of thousands of Iraëli’s demands for equal rights at Gay-Pride-Parade

9409484d2c4dd9993688eac20d37c113 - Tens of thousands of Iraëli's demands for equal rights at Gay-Pride-Parade

Tens of thousands of people at the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem to make their voices heard, according to the organizers of the parade. They demanded equal rights for gays, lesbians, bi – and transsexuals, and a change of the law on surrogacy, allowing gays in Israel also, father can be.

The police had to 2,500 agents klaargehouden, because there were also two tegenbetogingen. More than 20 orthodox rabbis had a petition signed in which the participants in the parade as ‘perverse’ were named. In addition, there was a demonstration of 30 militant activists who are against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual)community act.

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