Supreme court of Poland clashes with government

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WARSAW – The Polish supreme court has suspended the implementation of a law that the age of retirement of judges of this highest court of appeal reduces. The court wants to wait and see how the European Court of Justice decides on the controversial reform of the Polish legal system.

Archive view of chief judge Malgorzata Gersdorf.

The Polish government has set the retirement age for the members of the supreme court have been revised downward. They now have on their 65th birthday with retirement, where that first 70 years. As a result, several judges, early boarding, among whom president Malgorzata Gersdorf.

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The supreme court has the new legislation been submitted to the EU-court in Luxembourg. The retired controlled judges can in the meantime just sit, said a spokesman for the Polish court.

President Andrzej Duda let Thursday know that the latest decision of the court in its opinion, is not valid. “The actions of today come down to an attempt by the court to the law to work where it falls”, says his office in a statement.

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