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‘Smartest Man’, without Philippe Geubels set

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The jokes of Philippe Geubels were now an equally traditional part of ‘The Smartest Man In the World’ as the statement ‘T is done’, but the judge will be there the following sequence is no more. The comedian fits for the new season of the popular televisiequiz, writes The Latest News.

For Geubels is this the end of an era. When he was just on the shelves stood, he dived already as a participant in the program, which immediately before his breakthrough. It was also behind the scenes of the quiz that he Jan Dircksens met, one of the spotting of Geubels’ jokes. Since 2009, Geubels part of the jury of the program.

That he was there the following season, not at will, blame his entourage in The Latest News on a full agende. “Extra work is simply not there.’ Geubels, who last season even though an exclusivity clause had at VRT, working on new projects for one and the will from the end of October is also the kick-off of his zaalshow ‘Thanks For Everything’. In addition, it will be there next year, also a fiction series appear on the screen with Geubels in the lead role.

In the previous series of The Smartest Man came there is still controversy about the sexist jokes of the comedian. “I keep that name to carry through the jokes about my wife that I used to make, but I do that almost never. I think it’s a shame that I always brought back’, he said at the beginning of this year in The Standard.

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