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SIM Swapping: Consensus-visitors to Bitcoin-million facilitates

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With a relatively new, but simple Trick of the Boston Student Joel Ortiz took over by means of SIM Swapping in the Smartphones of about 40 people and facilitated their Wallets in order to balances in the total value of more than five million US dollars. The 20-Year-old has been on 12. July at the time of his departure arrested. Some of his victims were present in mid-may on the New York-based crypto-trade fair Consensus.

According to the court documents, available to the American magazine VICE, the office of the public Prosecutor the 20-year-old student, Joel Ortiz, together with other people countless visitors to New York’s cryptographic fair Consensus to their Savings. According to police sources, this is the first conviction for the application of the illegal SIM cards-exchange (SIM swap).

SIM Swapping – Social Engineering as a key

The so-called “SIM Swapping”, the mobile operator behind the light, by the cyber-criminals linked to the phone number of his victim with a controlled SIM card of his mobile phones. The offender can then intercept in the case of identity checks in multiple steps, via an SMS transmitted passwords, to accept the Accounts of their victims. The cyber criminal calls initially, the mobile operator, and claims to have forgotten all the passwords. Should be agreed for the telephone support no extra password, and the offender has to get all necessary data from the social networks, the success of the call attempt of deception.

Accounts made on Twitter, Facebook & co. to money

The Student who has stated on the Internet with his Hacker skills, was on 12. July in the airport of Los Angeles. He tried to Europe to leave the Soviet Union, and had from his last shopping trip a Gucci bag. Ortiz is accused of aggravated theft in two cases and identity theft in addition to the Intrusion into third-party Hardware in each of the 13 cases. After they had read him his rights, he spoke of several accomplices, and the illegal acquisition of Bitcoin Wallets in the millions. Ortiz has also offered the inherited Accounts of his victims in social networks is for sale. This happened mainly in the underground forum where for a little money stolen from Accounts at Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, the game platform Steam, Minecraft, PSN and many other networks is available for purchase.

“My phone was suddenly dead.”

The defendant alone is to have three attacks on the Smartphones of Consensus-visitors to run. An Investor had collected with his ICO a Million dollars, Ortiz stole crypto Wallets from this man a total value of over US $ 1.5 million. The businessman noted at some point surprised that he could not use his device suddenly: “I looked at my phone, it was dead”. Because one of his friend happened the same at the fair, Consensus, knew the woman who was robbed directly know. After the completion of the SIM-Swapping Ortiz was able to read the E-Mails of the victim in Gmail, and went on afterwards to all the Wallets to evacuate. The woman who was robbed immediately went to the nearest phone store of your provider. But as the employees had made AT&T the undo action, it was already too late.

The competent prosecutors would like to bring in experience, why has it always again guests of this event were taken. May the perpetrators have guessed that to bring in these guests is comparatively much. About such incidents in the media so far. Since the SIM Swapping is so easy and fast, this attack scenario is very dangerous. The first hearing for the defense of the students was on the 9. August. The security Deposit in the amount of one Million US dollars has not yet been deposited. Ortiz had called with the stolen SIM card, also the wife of a victim and his friends to Remittances via Bitcoin asked. He also wrote the daughter of a victim, and she asked to him to transfer Bitcoin.

How did you get the offenders on the track?

AT&T had handed over to the Prosecutor’s office, all connection data after a judicial inquiry. Therefore, it is used after the Takeover, the SIM card has two Android Smartphones from the manufacturer Samsung. Further court orders have brought the contents of multiple E-Mail accounts of the Criminals evident. Ortiz but was ultimately the victim of his own ego. In a few relevant places on the Internet, he had boasted to be a Hacker. The Prosecutor’s office also sought information from the trading venues Coinbase, Bittrex, and Binance. According to their information, the Suspect has accumulated a total credit of one Million dollars, which was distributed to various crypto-currencies. $ 250,000 has been seized directly. The Rest is considered lost. Overall, the devices are affected by the SIM swap according to the investigations of at least 40 people. To find out, linked to AT&T, the device information by the Criminals used Samsung Smartphones with the acquired telephone numbers of the victims. Each Smartphone has a unique 15-digit serial number of the device to uniquely identify. The IMEI number is in many cases transferred and exposed so the user of the device.

In the illegal Forum the fear is in the air…

The illegal Forum the arrest has triggered a variety of leading presenters from the Events have withdrawn. We will have to see whether you can protect yourself by deleting your account. Some of the old-established members even assume that this is just the beginning of the end. You have warned the offender in advance. At some point, everyone would be held accountable of something Illegal does. Now, where the police were able to evaluate the first evidence, is, apparently, the time has come.

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