Shopkeeper comes to the fate of 65 million euros

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London – A British shop salesperson accidentally a fate torn asunder, that more than 65 million euros worth turned out to be.

First torn apart, yet now they are happy with 65 million euros.

The winners, a retired couple from Aberdeenshire, if the massive cash prize, according to British media still take receipt.

And these are they: (text continues below video)

The now multi-billionaire Fred Higgins was with his Euromillions lottery ticket to the store gone. There thought an employee falsely that he had nothing won. ,,I gave the lot to the young man and he checked it with a machine. He said that it was not a winning ticket was,” said the 67-year-old Briton. He tore the lot by the middle and threw it in a trash can.”

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The computer gave then is still the message that there was a winning ticket. Higgins got the torn piece of paper and looked back at home on the website of the National Lottery. When it turned out that he was a multi-millionaire had become.

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The damage to the fate complicated the case. A team of security guards went to look in the shop, where camera images were checked. The couple kept the lot in the meantime in an envelope with the inscription ,,money worries over. The money is already on their bank account and also the first major purchase has already been done: a new car.

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