Russian journalists have been murdered during investigation of paramilitary company

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Three Russian journalists were on Monday killed in the Central African Republic. Armed men intercepted their car. The three explored a Russian paramilitary group that has ties with the Kremlin.

Armed men have Monday night oorlogsverslaggever Kirill Radsjenko, a documentary filmmaker Aleksander Rastorgujev and cameraman Orkhan Dzjemal killed in an ambush, about 200 kilometres north of the capital Bangui. Only the driver, providing them with the car transported, survived the attack and was able to get away.

The three journalists worked on a research project of the Russian ex-oligarch and exiled Kremlincriticus Mikhaïl Khodorkovski. They made a reportage about the activities of the military privately owned company, Wagner, that is present in the country. This is reported by the Investigations Management Centre (IMC), their employer, on their website.

The IMC goes out of malicious intent. “It is impossible to believe this, but there is already no hope that this is just an accident’, said in a statement. According to them, it is possible that the escaped driver worked with the local police for bribes to enforce.

To date, keep the identity of the attackers and their motives unknown. According to the Russian state agency Tass would the Seleka, an armed islamic group, there may be involved. The Central African Republic has been unstable since the Seleka, in 2013, the former president off. After Christian militias is, in turn, to oppose the rebels.

Russian paramilitary group

Since the beginning of 2018, Russia has military instructors deployed in the Central African Republic, weapons supplied to the government forces and the security ensured by the president. The paramilitary group Wagner, who was examined by the journalists and that the Kremlin feels no ties to have, would also be present in the country.

The Russian group is known primarily for his work in Syria. According to the leaked contracts, the company would olieconcessies have received from the Assad regime in exchange for protection of strategic facilities. In February would be a number of Russian mercenaries of Wagner were killed in the country in battles with Us units.

Military private companies are prohibited in Russia, but the boss of Wagner, Dmitry Utkin, would have close links with the Kremlin. Since June 2014 would be the company, according to Ukrainian media, in the secret military operations on behalf of the Kremlin and participate in fights in Ukraine on the side of the pro-Russian separatists.

The Russian state media shy away largely what the three journalists to investigate, since the Kremlin already each link with Wagner publicly denied. Moreover, russia has one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), there are in the country, at least 58 journalists died a violent death since 1992.

Three talented journalists

Kirill Radsjenko (33) was a cameraman in Chechnya and more recently in Syria with the Anna-news agency, had worked.

Aleksander Rastorgujev (47) was known for his documentaries about the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the protests of the Russian opposition in 2011.

Orkhan Dzjemal (51) was the former political editor of Novaya Gazeta and had conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine treated. He was known by colleagues because of his fearlessness as a war. Djemal was previously captured in Somalia and was wounded in Libya.

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