Red Cross opens bank account number for recurring Syrians

28540bf725c99be776e13ec850483877 - Red Cross opens bank account number for recurring Syrians

The HAGUE – Red Cross opens Thursday giro 7244 for Syrians to their country want to return now that the violence has decreased. The organisation sees for the first time in seven years that a large group of Syrians wants to go home. ,,They will end up in total destruction and have no resources to survive. Help to make their existence re-build is needed”, says the Red Cross.

According to the United Nations in the first half of this year estimated 750,000 displaced people to Syria, returned. They go to the districts around cities such as Homs, Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, and Daraa, where last time the fierce fighting ended.

The Red Cross calls on aid agencies, governments and companies, and the Dutch on the returnees a support in the back. The aid organization helps the Syrians with small repairs to their homes liveable again, food, clean drinking water, psychological and medical help. They also receive a starting capital, which they have a shop open or their country may once again start growing.

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