Rapper stabbed to death in London

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LONDON – London is a rapper stabbed to death. The 23-year-old Siddique Kamara, alias, Incognito, was near his home attacked. Two others were injured. Two people were arrested.

Incognito was a member of the rap group Moscow 17. Another boy from the group in may was shot dead on the same spot as Incognito. He was seventeen years old. Moscow, 17 drill, a form of rap that is related to gangstarap. Moscow 17 has a long-running feud with Zone 2, a group from a neighbouring district. The rappers posting offensive songs on YouTube. Those videos are millions of views.

Incognito was also governed with justice came in contact. Last year he was indicted for the murder of the brother of a Zone 2 member, but he was acquitted. It is not known whether Zone 2 is associated with the doodsteken of Incognito.

London is plagued by steekpartijen. Incognito is the 91st person who this year has been killed in the British capital.

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