Police arranges with agent with black ancestors

50c6a4f2b9decc6c9758278474c27c14 - Police arranges with agent with black ancestors

HASTINGS – A white American agent gets converted to more than 55,000 euros, after he is claimed by his colleagues teased or bullied when he found out that he has African ancestors. The man was a lawsuit started against the corps. It is a settlement, reports his lawyer.

Agent Cleon Brown of Hastings, in the state of Michigan in 2016 by a DNA test out that he is 18 percent African. When his colleagues heard that, it started nagging, reports CNN. ’Black lives matter’, was whispered as she him passed in. He was also Kunta called, referring to the character Kunta Kinte from the novel “Roots,” about an African slave. And with christmas he got a black santa claus gift, with the beard, ’and 18 percent ” written on them.

Because of the scheme may Brown more for the government in Hastings working. In addition to the fee, he gets to the end of October salary is paid.

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