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Pieter Timmers leaves the hospital, EK remains a question mark: “I am here in the heart of in”

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Pieter Timmers Wednesday, the hospital of Antwerp, where he Monday night with a meningitis was recorded, allowed to leave. Further investigation showed that the viral meningitis and not the bacterial variant. In the meantime, the medication and pain relief his work, and the swimmer at home to further recover.

“I feel today better,” says Timmers, in a press release. “I still feel sick and have pain, but at home I can in all the rest further uitzieken, without too much hustle and bustle around me. More than this, I still can’t lose. I don’t know how I feel tomorrow will feel, and that is okay. I am the heart that this is me just before leaving for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS happened, and am extremely disappointed that I the 100 meter freestyle may not swim on Saturday. Here I have a year training hard for this and here I have a lot to do. My preparation was very good and I had a fast time record on training. So I went for gold. I want to thank everyone for all the support the past few days, also the team of the UZA, and the professional team around me.”

Thursday in the water?

Timmers can maybe still take part in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS swimming. That, says his coach, Ronald Gaastra, who hopes that Timmers next week the 50 meters will be able to swim.

Drama for Belgian swimmer Pieter Timmers, on the last Olympic Games, still good for a silver medal in the 100 metres. Just before his departure to the european CHAMPIONSHIP swimming, he was Monday night after all rushed to the hospital in the Antwerp University Hospital with a meningitis.

His coach, Ronald Gaastra, however, thinks that his pupil may still be in action at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in swimming. For the 50-meter sprint, the last discipline on the program, on Wednesday 8 August the series had a swim one day later, the final. “If he is again tomorrow the water in may, and he feels at the weekend that he is quality, he can maybe Thursday the 50m swim. But that decision I leave to him”, says Gaastra at Sporza.

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