Obama mixes in election campaign

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In the run-up to the Congress and elections in the United States in november, the Democrats Barack Obama thrown into the struggle. The former president spoke Wednesday in a statement its support for 81 candidates of the Democratic party.

During the elections in november is a completely new House of Representatives elected, while the Senate only a third of the seats to distribute. They are of great importance, because they are the Democrats give a chance to the majority in the Congress to win back. For the Republican president, Donald Trump would that in practice mean that he will be much more difficult to pass laws.

It is the first time that Obama publicly make their voices heard in the election campaign. So far he performed only during private events. The endorsement of Obama is going to 81 candidates. It comes to Democratic politicians who stand up in states where the primaries already behind the back. This is to avoid a he so that he blends in fighting within the party are conducted.

“I am proud to present such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates to endorse,” says the former president. It comes to ” leaders who are so diverse, patriotic and generous as the America that they want to represent’.

According to Obama, they will the USA strengthen ” our alliances and standing in the world to recover.” This seems to be the former head of state to refer to the successor to Trump, which is arranged to receive criticism on his foreign policy.

Trump himself mixes already in the run-up to the elections. For him, a lot on the game. If he is the republican majority in the congress loses, then he will for each proposal separately support to look for, and it is little realistic that he will still be get.

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