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Northern Trust: US financial giant will open for a Bitcoin Hedge Fund

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The traditional U.S. financial companies, Northern Trust is expanding the currencies its business in the area of Blockchain and Crypto. The company is currently the subject of three Hedge Funds that want to expand their portfolio of crypto-currencies, in an Advisory capacity to the side.

Representatives of big capital in currencies in the Crypto so far has been rather cautious steps made. Although hardly anyone provides the potential of Blockchain technology in agreement, you need to search for specific projects such as the Goldman Sachs initiated by the Trading Desk for crypto-currencies so far, even with the magnifying glass. The reasons for this are manifold. Safety concerns and lack of regulation seem to constitute the main obstacle to the collection of “Big Money” in the crypto space. The absence of institutional investors is considered to be one of the main reasons for this is that crypto-currencies, the moon landing remains for the time being, failed. However, the characters that an entry of big capital into the crypto market is only a matter of time, accumulate.

Advice of three “Mainstream Hedge Funds”

With Northern Trust, has outed another financial giant, publicly-blockchainaffin “”. As Executive Vice President Pete Cherecwich to the financial magazine Forbes on 31. July revealed, advises his company since the first quarter of this year, three “Mainstream Hedge Funds”, the crypto-currencies you want to include in your portfolio. The company have expanded their range of traditional services to the Fund administrative Services, to respond to the new market of crypto-currencies account. To wash with, among others new control structures for the control of money and the validation of existence of assets.

Block chain patents filed

According to Cherecwich, Northern Trust does, however, currently there is no direct storage of crypto-currencies. This was not planned for the time being. Instead, the advice to the crypto-interested Hedge Fund is part of the corporate strategy. This aims to ensure that, in the future, Fiat money on a Blockchain is issued.

“I believe that governments digitize, ultimately, their currencies and act as a digital Token […]. But the US Dollar would still be lying somewhere in a vault or government-supported“,

Cherecwich in Forbes said in an Interview. And to put:

“We have not only developed a Patent, the identity management for the Unwinding of transactions, but the transactions for the purchase and sale of securities, in addition to Board meetings and voting expands.”

He refers to two patents, which had filed for Northern Trust in the past year. Both make use of the Blockchain technology. The first Patent dates back to the spring of 2017. It describes a way of using biometric data to determine whether a client has permission to execute an order. The second Patent was filed at the end of last year. It is the implementation of investor conferences with a Hyper Ledger Fabric, Ethereum or open chain is dedicated to and based in part on the proof of identity of the first patent.

What’s next?

You can now keep track of to see whether the move of the company to the Blockchain technology is influenced by regulatory efforts. Because of the regulatory confusion to burn, meanwhile, not only potential investors, but also by a majority of the crypto community under the nails.

On the question of the admission of an exchange-traded Fund (Exchange Traded Fund, ETF) for Bitcoin, and friends is currently being discussed most prominently in the United States. The competent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently rejected a proposal by the Winklevoss brothers for a Bitcoin ETF, the idea of a stock exchange, the currencies issued traded funds for Crypto, however, no principle of rejection. In fact, one can hear within the SEC and crypto-friendly votes. The loudest comes from the member of the Commission, Hester Pierce. After you expressed on Twitter publicly their displeasure with the judgment in the Case of the Winklevoss, she won within a few days thousands of new Followers.

If Northern Trust is not a Mecca for the Altcoin-Hodler-next-door: The activity of the company in the field of cryptographic currencies in particular of the Blockchain technology, is an indication of the growing interest by major investors in the matter. She has already filed patents and Hedge Fund (name not wanted to advise call Cherecwich, by the way) in this issue, shows that interest in concrete actions.

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