More people get killed by riots in Zimbabwe

cc76dc5a6d6184f5624d66fe0e7bf1de - More people get killed by riots in Zimbabwe

HARARE – In the wake of the riots on Wednesday in Harare, the Zimbabwean capital, six dead cases. The police stated the number of victims Thursday to above.

The police stated that the situation in the city was still so tense, that there assistance of the army. The British ambassador in Zimbabwe called some of the ministers on the military back to the barracks.

Raid done in headquarters

The Zimbabwean police has a raid done in the headquarters of opposition party MDC in the capital Harare. Agents carried sixteen persons, said a witness.

A lawyer for the MDC said that police with a search warrant for the house. They claimed that there are certain computers, and other subversive materials were,” said the lawyer. ,,They wanted those things to take and bring people who were inside. Perhaps it was intended as an attempt to fear. The police eventually took nothing”.

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