Man throws boy (8) of megaglijbaan in USA

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APPLE VALLEY – The American police have a man arrested who has a eight-year-old boy from a giant water slide has thrown in an amusement park. The suspect known later that he was annoyed at the waiting time, the messages the American media. The child ran through the fall of more than nine meters in multiple bone fractures.

The attack came, according to witnesses, out of nothing. The culprit was standing behind the young victim waiting for his turn. “There was no arguing, no pushing, no call: this person threw just this poor child down,” said the local police chief. The eight-year-old ended up on the concrete and is several times surgery.

The police says that the suspect is a developmental disorder. The man was under supervision in the Apple Valley Aquatic Center, but it is unclear whether that supervisor also standing in line. The police talks about a unique incident: the park annually attracts tens of thousands of visitors, but in 20 years time would never something similar happened.

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