Leive Vloms gets Sam Gooris, Sergio and Willy Sommers to Old Market Leuven

0100d9a9620bb747d0e77e10d99ca411 - Leive Vloms gets Sam Gooris, Sergio and Willy Sommers to Old Market Leuven

At Leuven’s Old Market is currently all ready for Friday, because then you will find the 2nd edition of ‘Leive Vloms’. As a newcomer to the zomerkalender threw the festival high and eyes were the performances of Luc Steeno, Laura Lynn and De Romeo’s good for a few thousands of visitors. The schlager – and ambiancesfeer provided not only beautiful pictures and a mass of people, there was also a further of €13,000 was raised for the fight against and research into Multiple Sclerosis. “The weather gods are our favours, it will be beautiful again and so we hope to be on more generous passers by who are willing to do their part to contribute to MS. The performances of Sam Gooris, Sergio and Willy Sommers with the New Bis Band are free, but it would be nice if we €3 per passer-by can get. People are allowed their euros donation in the barrels in the Large Market, Naamsestraat and Parijsstraat. The people dressed up come to ‘Leive Vloms’, please do so, and anybody can boas, streamers and party favors buy at the Old Market. Also, the revenue we will refund to the MS fund for scientific research,” says Erik De Rop, co-organiser and chairman of the vzw Oude Markt.

‘Leive Vloms’ delivers again this year, extra efforts for people with disabilities. At the front there is a ‘less mobile zone’, which accommodates 45 people, surrounded with a maximum of 2 escorts. “The MS Center Melsbroek and the university care is working with 16 voluntary care providers. That is of kiné’s to the experienced zorgkundigen that Friday night standing. In the zone there is also a bar with a personal service, thus making everyone enjoy the festival. Note: You must pre-register and do it quickly, because places are limited”, says co-organiser, MS-patient and campagnegezicht Jan Heremans, that redirects to the website of the festival for all the practical info.

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