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Later we talk to our tv, lamps, and washing machine

Beginning, but already the idea to get used to it: soon, we will talk with our washing machine, our luster and our television. The following Telenet decoder voice commands will be understood, therefore, is no surprise. Though it is perhaps one of the first voice that your living room is reached.

Boss John Porter said the nose way during the presentation of the quarterly results of Telenet: the following decoder for your tv will not be only an Ultra HD images can be forward, he will also …

Boss John Porter said the nose way during the presentation of the quarterly results of Telenet: the following decoder for your tv will not be only an Ultra HD images can be forward, he will also voice commands to understand. Who already begins to dream that he than of the remote control, is mistaken: you press a button in the middle of the remote control, a microphone to activate. You will then be able to ask for a certain film, or to films with a certain actor, from the video library of Telenet and from the program guide. And you’ll also be via a spoken command Netflix start-up, says Chris Van Langenhove of Telenet.

Voice control for tv is not new. “On a lot of tv’s you can now voice search to do,” says Eric Beeckmans, tv specialist at the magazine, FWD Magazine. This is especially useful because the name of a film type on a remote control with only numbers and arrow keys, a test is.

But it works very well that voice capabilities are usually not. Especially since the search function of the tv does not have access to what there is to see is on Netflix or, for example, the video library of Telenet or Proximus. Often you can find only on Youtube or in the program guide, search. That such a search function is integrated in the Telenet decoder, instead of the television, thus, is an advantage. And would this technology into many more living rooms.

We are going to the voice control on our Telenet decoder to use? Then he will be very good, warns Eric Beeckmans. ‘Voice control really should incredibly good work, not nine times out of ten, but always, or the people don’t use it’. The speech technology will be provided by Nuance, the company that at the time the remains of Lernout & Hauspie acquired. Later this year will be 20,000 test users the new decoder can try. When he for all customers will be available, is not yet known.

Virtual assistant

But in terms of voice control and artificial intelligence (both domains are closely related) in the coming months a lot is going to happen. In the English language is that for a few years now: more and more people have a so-called ‘smart speaker’, such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. Understand complex voice commands, and can have multiple devices in the home operate. Including to television, but also the air conditioning or the luster.

According to Eric Beeckmans, Telenet can better appeal to that sophisticated digital assistants. ‘Google Home and Amazon Alexa have such a strong position in the market, and so many features, that it is according to me not much use for anything else in the house to get it.” Whom from abroad, an English language Google Home speaker has entered, for example, can now have Android tv, or a regular tv with a Google Chromecast decodertje, Netflix series calls by asking, ” Hey Google, play Stranger things on Netflix’. TV manufacturers Sony and Philips in the English-speaking world use of the Google Assistant technology. Samsung does its own thing with the digital assistant Bixby.

But for the time being, neither Google Home, nor Alexa, nor Bixby available in Dutch (Bixby in English is only for 2020, confirms Samsung us). The Google Assistant is since last week in the Netherlands to use on Android smartphones, which suggests that a Dutch-language Google Home smart speaker is not more far. Or the Telenet decoder will be able to connect to such a virtual assistant, is not yet decided, says Chris Van Langenhove. “But we follow all the developments in voice control.

At Telenet is not expected that the spoken commands with the traditional zapping will be replaced.‘If you know exactly what you want, then speech very well’, says Dimme Pleysier of Telenet. ‘But if you want to browse through a list of movies, do you prefer arrow keys’.

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