Jamie Dornan is struggling with death of mother

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The mother of the actor, Lorna Dornan, died 20 years ago from the effects of pancreatic cancer. Now open the actor a support group in Northern Ireland for people who have the same experience as he does.

Actor Jamie Dornan still think every day to the death of his mother, 20 years ago. The star of Fifty Shades of Grey lost his mother, Lorna, to pancreatic cancer in 1998, when the actor’s 16-years-old. During a speech at the opening of the NIPanC support group, aimed at helping people who have loved ones lost to the disease, gave Dornan admits that he still struggles with the death of his mother.

“I have a feeling that every day has an effect on me in ways that I notice and in ways that I don’t notice,” he told the Press Association. “But, I am not alone in it; there are a lot of people that loved ones are lost at a young age. That is terrible to this disease, it seems as if he deliberately young decreases, people with young families.”

The actor is dreaming still about the sharing of his success in Hollywood with his mother, take her to a movie premiere. “My mother was very elegant, and she had it stuck great found.”

Jamie opened the event with his sister, Jess, and his father James. He hopes that the platform can help other people who are also struggling with the impact of pancreatic cancer.

“I don’t think there was such a thing, when my mother was sick,” he said about the Northern Irish group. “It was fantastic to be with other people to be able to talk the same experience as me. I feel privileged to be able to help to make this disease more known to make, and I strive to be in every way the statistics can change, that at this time, there is still very bad, and since the last 40 years not much has changed.”

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