Jacket Han Solo is auctioned for € 1 million

ebafbac896edb2cec1b07c61a6feeb2b - Jacket Han Solo is auctioned for € 1 million

The jack that American actor Harrison Ford wore as Han Solo in the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back” in september under the hammer. The auction house in London counts on a £ 1 million (1.1 million euro) for the jacket.

The jacket is one of the 600 filmkledingstukken and props used during the auction to be sold. Two Stormtrooper helmets, from “A New Hope” and “The Last Jedi” are offered for sale.

The first instance, from 1977, about 60,000 pounds (67,000 euro) yield. The helmet from the film of 2017 is for 50,000 pounds (56.000 euro) in the catalogue, the proceeds of this sale goes to a good cause. The lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker in “The Revenge of The Sith” for £ 100,000 (112.000 euro) in the shop window.

During the auction, not only props from the Star Wars films under the hammer. Also the hoverboard Marty McFly from the second Back To The Future”-film is sold, and there can also be offered on Johnny Depps costume from “Edward Scissorhands”.

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