French rappers get on the way to airport: 14 arrests

50e6125b514b17a9c8de0c51676f4d61 - French rappers get on the way to airport: 14 arrests

In the airport of Orly, near Paris broke Wednesday afternoon a battle between the French rappers Booba and Kaaris. Result: a temporarily closed terminal, delayed flights and 14 arrests.

On videos on social media is to see how several of the men – their entourage did also join in the fighting get between the racks of a shop and in the corridors of a departure terminal of the airport.

The 41-year-old Booba has been one of the great stars of French rap. He launched the career of Kaaris. But both rappers hit reportedly at odds because Booba inadequate support felt by Kaaris in its conflict with rival Rohff.

The two rappers were both on the way to Barcelona, where they are separate might occur. How the fight exactly exploded, is unclear.

According to the French politiebronnen were eleven people arrested. A small number of flights walked 15 to 30 minutes of delay, and the hall had to be temporarily closed”, so said the aviation authorities.

The operator of the airport has filed a complaint against fourteen persons, among whom the two rappers. They are picked up. Both rappers give each other the blame of the fight.

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