Foreigners in Kabul kidnapped and killed

9b5e7502da3ca16bbdc8107fcb99bca8 - Foreigners in Kabul kidnapped and killed

KABUL – Three foreign staff of an international voedselmaatschappij in the Afghan capital, Kabul kidnapped and later found dead. The police in Kabul said that the victims are likely to originate from India, Malaysia and Macedonia.

The three foreigners were on Thursday morning early kidnapped in the east of the city of Kabul. They are found dead in a car in the district Mussahi in the south of the province of Kabul. The authorities do not know who was behind the kidnap and killing of the three.

Criminals and militants in Afghanistan have in recent years increasingly come to focus on the kidnap of foreigners. Mostly they do that to ransom. Many foreign companies that are active in the country are, so they have safety measures for their staff to sharpen.

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