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F1-teams rummaging in prize pool: how much do they get?

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Each year, the F1 teams on the basis of their performance the year before prize money. But how much prize money will receive each team? This is indeed a huge difference.

Despite the fact that Ferrari and Mercedes had to overtake it in the title in 2017, the Italian formation is still the biggest prize pool managed to collect. Ferrari can also champion of the prize of the call.

Formula One Management has let us know that there is such a 722 million pounds to distribute falls under the teams. That money comes from broadcasting rights, advertising on the circuits, and the amounts that the FOM requires a GP to organise.

That amount is divided per team on the basis of their place in the constructeurskampioenschap of the previous year, and a number of special agreements that exist between certain teams and the FOM.

The biggest riser is Haas because the American group there for the second time, succeeded to be in the top ten of the teams to finish up, they saw their income rise by a spectacular 176%.

McLaren will receive despite the past rampseizoenen still the fourth largest share of the pie and thank them in Woking to the bonus they received for their contribution to the sport in the past. That bonus is good for 24.3 million pounds.

Force India, last year his best performance of fourth in the constructeurskampioenschap even re-did hear at the teams that receive less than McLaren. The renstal was last week placed under legal guardianship, and if there is a new owner, it will also of the goodwill of the other teams depend on, or a new formation of their part effectively. There is a unanimous decision is required.

The current distribution of income dates from the time of Bernie Ecclestone and will in that form continue to exist until 2020. New owner Liberty Media awaits the difficult task to the income fairer distribution.

Smaller teams stumble for quite some time about the bonuses that certain teams get. Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams get all kinds of bonuses for their historical contribution to the sport. At Ferrari, they received in addition a bonus of 52.4 million pounds because they have a ‘historic team’, the Scuderia is, after all, from day 1 in the Formula 1.

Finally, another example to give you an idea where the shoe pinches in the current system. Force India let all the years of beautiful performance achieved with limited resources and receives for her two fourth places in the last three campaigns 52.3 million pounds. Ferrari, for its part, receives all 82,3 million pounds in bonuses to just to the start of the championship.

Overview prize 2017:
Ferrari: 147,2
Mercedes: 128,8
Red Bull: 110,7
McLaren: 61,7
Williams: 57,5
Force India: 52,3
Renault : 47,3
Toro Rosso: 42,4
Haas: 39,9
Sauber: 34,9

All amounts are in million British Pounds

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