’Deaths due to attack Israel on Golan heights’

b8035bea958514727c244446f27c798a - ’Deaths due to attack Israel on Golan heights’

JERUSALEM – The Israeli air force in an attack on the Golan heights seven militants killed. Reported that the Israeli media without a source to call. The army confirmed only that there had been an attack but repte not about victims.

In a statement, it was said that “various armed terreuragenten” the purpose of the attack in the southern Syrian Golan heights. Israel captured a portion of the area during the six day War in 1967, Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights reported that in the area of confrontations between the Syrian army and fighters of Islamic State. The Israeli army also stated that there is a bomgordel and an automatic weapon of the type AK-47 were found. How the items were found was not said.

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