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Cracked? The Bitfi-Wallet of John McAfee

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At the end of June Bitfi presented a crypto-Wallet that you are applying for, according to the official presentation of the material as the first non-hackbare Wallet. The Wallet should have an “impenetrable security” and it is promised an operation “without any risk of loss”. Now John McAfee’s Wallet was apparently cracked. The man who sees the price of Bitcoin up to 2020 in Million US dollars, is not pleased.

John McAfee, the Paranoia of the millionaire, celebrates the Bitfi-Wallet at least as strong as himself. In his never-ending stream of Tweets, the crypto guru proclaims relentlessly that the Wallet “was fucking unhackable”:

“Of all of today’s sophisticated and sophisticated methods to make Wallets safe and to provide ease of handling, is certainly not as epic as the new Bitfi-Wallet”, was one of his other opinions about it. Some of its competitors, have developed an innovative method for the protection of the Private Keys. Bitfi, however, have pulled out all the stops to ensure that no one unauthorized can get to the Private Keys, it said.

Meanwhile, the discussions about the security of the digital wallet in the Twitter went with some of the known fixes so far that John McAfee has launched a call for tender, in the case of each US $ 100,000 would, could to hack the Bitfi-Wallet. Shortly thereafter, were defined by the Bitfi the rules for this action. The task consists of the Coins to the value of 50 US dollars from the Wallet of the enclosure. After further discussions about the safety, raised the price to $ 250,000:

Interesting Discoveries

This challenge seems to have now some security experts are attracted. As soon as you get the device in the Finger, the dismantled parts of it in its individual. In the process, they have found out that the Wallet is based on a Chinese mobile phone (Mediatek MT6580), but without the camera and the Sim card. The Firmware contains a Baidu GPS/WiFi Tracker, a Malware Suite (Adups FOTA) and a Tracker that logs all the activities on the device.

Already the first tests were not very encouraging for Bitfi. So Ryan Castellucci explained in a detailed analysis, that the Wallet is well suited to shoot yourself in the foot.

Latest developments – BitFi hacked apparently

On 1. August of users over soft announced that he had managed to crack the supposedly unhackable Wallet:

Crypto shitlord commented on Reddit: “McAfee will have by 2020 no part of your body, he can still eat.”

The reaction of the crypto gurus, however, it was a video response not to announce that until now. Classic-John-McAfee-style, he described the Hack as “Nonsense”:

Our chief analyst, Dr. Philipp Giese:

“John McAfee must have been clear that he established with his daring Claim a Honeypot to Bitfi. This Hack is the latest in the John McAfee, the usual “public Relations” and fits to his daring Bitcoin predictions or paid his Coin recommendations. The only miracle John McAffee is how someone with his Track Record is still regarded as authority.“

The Twitter cinema goes on we stay tuned.

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