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Commotion in the Netherlands: “Skaters abuse thyroid hormone”

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Schaatsland the Netherlands is in turmoil. Research from the tv-program Nieuwsuur (NOS) and the Noordhollands Dagblad shows that Dutch athletes and skaters in particular – thyroid hormones abuse. “The drug is not on the list, but should not be prescribed without medical necessity. That happens now,” says the Dutch schaatsbond.

The Dutch schaatsbond (KNSB) is seriously concerned about the situation and wrote on July 10, a letter to the skaters (read here). “The last time us signals that athletes within the schaatswereld medications prescribed which, although not on the prohibited List of the WADA, but the use of which, without medical necessity health risks it poses. We want you to expressly warn: use which means not if there is no medical necessity in your present”, says the Dutch schaatsbond.

Thyroid hormone was in the letter is not explicitly mentioned, but the KNSB has to several Dutch media confirmed that the to that medication (especially Thyrax). It is a means of 450,000 Dutch people use who suffer from a schildklieraandoening. Athletes and skaters in particular – would the thyroid hormones, however, use them because they think that weight loss caused and gives more energy. But a prestatiebevorderend effect has never been scientifically demonstrated.

“Within the medical world on this subject to much debate and for some specific drugs does the Dutch Dopingautoriteit appeal to the WADA on which List to place”, warns the Dutch Schaatsbond. “In the new licensing agreements of the top Teams for the season 2018-19, we will also have an additional provision to include. In the old agreement is all that doctors have to submit to the dopingreglementen. There’s going to be added that they have no means allowed to prescribe if there is no medical indication for it. For you as an athlete, this means an additional reason for such medication not in writing or are administered to receive”, is the signal of the Dutch Schaatsbond to its members clearly.

In addition to skaters were also Dutch cyclists and triathletes “disturbing often use” of thyroid hormones. “We find the signals of such a nature that we are concerned and feel that something must be done” said Herman Ram, director of the Dutch Dopingautoriteit on the NOS.

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