Colombia comes to the refugees Venezuela to help

ecbef18931cb89ac61347227201b73ae - Colombia comes to the refugees Venezuela to help

BOGOTA – Colombia has more than 440,000 in Venezuelan migrants a temporary residency status given. President Juan Manuel Santos said in a statement that Venezuelans in his country get access to emergency medical care, education and social services. He spoke about an “international landmark” in the field of migration.

Many Venezuelans have crossed the border because of the poor economic conditions in their home country. That is suffering from a severe crisis due to prolonged mismanagement and falling oil prices. Also as recently as about a quarter of a million Colombians have returned to that in the neighboring country lived.

The Santos signed decree gives hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who have not yet visa had permission for two years in Colombia. The government also attracts 20 million pesos (approximately 6 million) to hospitals to compensate the migrants, treated with, for example, cancer or diabetes.

The president, who will soon be afzwaait, repeated his criticism of the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro. He denounced the fact that the Venezuelan population is killed by “famine and disease”, although they live in a “rich country” with huge oil reserves.

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